Mother Of Pearl Necklaces

pearl necklaces
Mother Of Pearl Necklaces

The Chinese folklore stated that pearls are tears of a dragon. According to the roman, pearl chokers are tears of Venus. While the animal in the shell is feeding or breathing, it will open the shell and it is during this time that a foreign object will enter and result in a akoya cultured pearl necklaces. The pearls that cultured pearl necklace use are actually formed from the process of nacre secretion by mollusk to cover the irritants that enter into its shell,

The easiest way you can take care of your pearl mikimoto necklaces is to wear it frequently. It’s not a good idea to store your pearl earring in a place for a long period because it will dry up and lose its sheen. You can make your pearl jewelry sets look fresh and lustrous just by wearing it and let your body’s oil handle it. It’s important that you keep your pearl necklace away from substance such as hair spray to avoid any potential damage.

How do you go about and judge the value and quality of mother of pearl necklaces?

mother of pearl necklace

To gauge the value of a pearl, you need to take its nacre, size, color, luster, matching and shape into consideration. The best and most popular shape for akoya necklaces pearl is round. To choose the right color for your mikimoto pearl necklace, all you need to do is to use your instinct because it’s all about personal taste. Having said that however, it’s also important to take your skin tone and clothing into consideration. How long your mother of pearl will last is dependent on the thickness of the pearl’s nacre. The oysters produce nacre to cover and protect the pearl’s nucleus so this is a very important feature you want to pay attention to. As a rule of thumb, avoid mother of pearl that have a nacre thickness less than 0.4mm.

The standard measurement for pearl earrings is in millimeters. The larger the size of a pearl, the more valuable and expensive it will get for example Akoya pearls which is usually larger than 10mm is more highly prized than other normal pearls. Finding earrings pearl with identical pearls is a hard task. For that reason alone, a necklace with matching pearls will be extremely expensive. Luster is the amount of light that can be reflected from the surface of a pearl. Clean surfaces and mirror finish is what make necklaces freshwater pearl most valuable and desirable.

Freshwater Pearl vs Saltwater Mother Of Pearl Necklaces


You will notice that seawater pearls that grow naturally in the oceans are more expensive than freshwater pearls or cultured mother of pearl. Seawater wish pearl necklaces using Akoya, Tahitian or South Sea pearls are generally more expensive due to the rarity and high luster of seawater pearls that are found in the oceans. Tahitian (black pearls) and South Sea pearls are categorized as luxurious and are only available for those who can pay the high price. For a more affordable pearl necklace, consider Akoya black tahitian pearl earring.

You can find Tahitian made pearl necklace in a wide range of colors including, blue, green, black, gray and brown. Which color you choose however is really up to you and your preference. Generally, the darker the Tahitian faux pearl necklaces, the more valuable and expensive it will be. In terms of roundness, the rounder the shape, the more valuable it will be. This can be explained as getting a pearl that has a perfect round shape from the oysters and mussels in the oceans for black necklace pearl tahitian is quite hard.

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