South Sea Pearl Necklace

south sea pearl necklace
South Sea Pearl Necklace

To gauge the value of a pearl, you need to take its nacre, size, color, luster, matching and shape into consideration. The best and most popular shape for Tahitian pearl pendant is round. There’s no written rule on what color you must choose for your mother of pearl pendant. Color is purely a personal taste and you want to take the color of your skin or clothing into consideration. A layer of nacre is produce by oysters to cover and protect the pearl’s nucleus. How thick that layer of nacre is very important because if the layer is too thin, your black necklaces pearl Tahitian will not last long. Generally speaking, a nacre thickness of 0.4mm and above are highly recommended.

The size of a pearl is usually measured in millimeters. Akoya pearls for instance are larger than 10mm in diameter and extremely highly priced. Generally, the larger the size of the bridesmaid jewelry pearl, the more it will cost. It’s very hard to find black pearl necklace made of pearls of identical shape and size. Due of the rarity alone, the price for matching pearls necklace are extremely high. Luster is the amount of light that can be reflected from the surface of a pearl. Clean surfaces and mirror finish is what make mother of pearl pendant most valuable and desirable.

Differences Between Freshwater And Saltwater South Sea Pearl Necklace

south sea pearl necklace

Freshwater or cultured necklace Tahitian pearl are less costly compare to seawater pearls that grow naturally in the oceans Tahitian, South Sea and Akoya are not only rare but also high quality seawater pearls that have better luster. This alone explains why seawater white gold pearl necklace are more expensive than freshwater pearls jewelry. Black pearls and South Sea are known to be extremely expensive because they are luxurious class pearls. Akoya blue pearl jewelry are also popular because they are not so expensive but of high quality.

There are many colors you can choose for your Tahitian majorica pearl necklaces based on your preference and taste. Among the colors available are brown, blue, green, black and grey. The rating of Tahitian pink pearl is pure base on how dark and how round it is. In other words, the darker and rounder the pearl is, the more expensive and valuable it will be. The is due to the fact that finding a pearl that is perfectly round in shape for add a pearl necklaces is difficult, especially from the oysters and mussels in the oceans.

The Birth Process Of A South Sea Pearl Necklace

pearl necklace

The Chinese believes that pearls are actually the tears of a dragon while the roman on the other hand, think that gold necklace pearl white are actually Venus’s tears. While the animal in the shell is feeding or breathing, it will open the shell and it is during this time that a foreign object will enter and result in a freshwater pearl necklace. cultured pearl jewelry use the pearls that are created by a mollusk as a result of the process of secreting nacre to surround and respond to the irritant and foreign objects.

Did you know that the best way to care for your pearl jewelry necklace is to wear it often? Not wearing your pink pearl jewelry and storing it in a place for quick some time will actually cause it to dry up and lose its smoothness. Your body’s natural oils can help to keep your pearl necklace set fresh and lustrous looking. Avoid substance such as hair spray or body lotion because they can potentially damage your pearl necklace set.

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